We specialise in the beautiful British Tipped with their sparkling silver coats, tipped with black and their large green eyes, not forgetting their fantastic temperaments.

A little of our cat history in pictures: - click on a thumbnail below to open a larger image; click anywhere on the larger image to close it.

Millwynd Nancy

Grand Champion Talyat Silver Talisman

Pennydown Champagne Bubble

Premier Pennydown Jubilee Jasper

Champion Arty Jolly Roger

Champion Pennydown Silver Pearl, photo by Alan Robinson

Pennydown Kirsty

Pennydown Panache

UK Grand Champion Ataahua Gregory, photo by Alan Robinson

Grand Champion and Grand Premier Greendale Moneypenny

Pennydown Magic Moments

PD Top Gunn

Pennydown Nikita (left) and UK Grand Ch Tzarkesh Demelza (Penny, right)

Champion Pennydown Navarre

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